Recently, I had the privilege of interviewing Marie-Reine, a 14-year-old youth advocate from Togo. On March 14, she was in Geneva to make a statement at the UN Human Rights Council’s Annual Day on the Rights of the Child. It was a truly inspiring experience to listen to Marie-Reine share her thoughts on improving access to healthcare and education for children in her country.

Marie-Reine displayed wisdom and maturity well beyond her years. Her passion for advocating for children’s rights and the determination in her voice when she addressed a full house at the United Nations were also striking.

What impressed me most about Marie-Reine, however, was her unwavering sense of purpose, and her ability to radiate positivity and inspire those around her. Not surprisingly, she dreams of becoming a cardiologist one day, driven by a vision to continue serving her community.

I am grateful to have met Marie-Reine. She is a reminder that age is no barrier to making a positive impact in the world.

My sincere thanks to the Plan International team in Geneva for the opportunity.

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